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“Upgrading an enterprise-class phone system can be a daunting challenge.  Russ and the staff at Tele-Solutions understand the challenges schools face when replacing antiquated systems.  Russ met with me, on-site, for several walkthroughs of our buildings and our capabilities.  I wasn’t presented with a quote over-the-phone.  Russ got to know my district, my network, and my parameters; then he presented several solutions and options tailored to my district.  From the initial phone call, I knew Tele-Solutions would be there to help my district.  Russ wasn’t interested in making a sale and moving onto the next district.  The technicians that deployed our new system were friendly, knowledgeable and on schedule. Continuing to ask me great questions and double-check my choices throughout installation.  The digital phone system in our district was over ten years old and none of us could have expected all of the issues that had been hiding in that antiquated programming.  Tele-Solutions found the best way to move to an IP system that still supports our digital devices and allows the district time to upgrade systematically.  Not only did this keep the pricing low, it provided a smooth transition within the very short summer down-time of a school district.  It also meant that Tele-Solutions wasn’t trying to upsell me on equipment that our district would never need.  I recommend working with Tele-Solutions without hesitation.”

Michael Pennington
Director of Technology
Independence Local Schools.

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