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“We have been a client of Tele-Solutions for several years now at our Columbiana location of approximately 100 phones. We recently built a new medical practice and received quotes from several vendors just to continue to see what options were available with a new build. Needless to say Tele-Solutions still came out on top in both the technological aspect of the phone system as well as their customer service from sales to support. In the two years I have been with this practice I have not had any major issue, or small for that matter, with the existing phone system in our Columbiana office. Through process changes we have made some customizations to the existing set up and Telesolutions has been there with guidance and expertise to help us make the necessary changes to suit our practice. I assure you that you will not go wrong if you decide to become a client of Tele-Solutions,   I would highly recommend it.

Angila Anderson
Information Manager
Prima Healthcare, LLC

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